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Hello! I am Evan White.
I am a Mobile Developer who is enthusiastic about doing good work. I also love running, travel, and learning.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States

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  • NameEvan White
  • BirthdayJuly 1982
  • AddressVancouver, WA, United States
  • Phone+1 (607) 301 0201
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About Me

Hi, My name is Evan

I have working in native mobile development space writing javascript and .NET applications. I have been a developer at Microsoft shops for 12 years being a generalist across the web and mobile stack. I'm motivated to use best practices, collaborate, and improve.


Mobile Developer2014 - Present

Mocaworks, LLC

Developing cross-platform Javascript/HTML5 Cordova application for mobile access to learning management service.

Windows Mobile Developer2010 - 2013

Developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. Managing software requirements, administering source control repositories, and configuring and maintaining build machines.

ASP.NET Web Developer2007-2010

Sikorsky Global Helicopters

Create and maintain web applications that improve existing business processes supporting Lean manufacturing using MS SQL Server, MS Access, ASP.NET and Microsoft Excel. Provide ad-hoc data analysis and continual improvement of IT process and service. Participated in SAP ERP implementation.


LC Consulting Services

Created and administered classic ASP websites driven by MySQL and MS Access databases. Designed, tested, and maintained software for engineering applications. Produced MFC applications, libraries, and websites.

Continuing Education


MOOC Programs


Data analysis in R, Machine Learning, Mobile Robot Control Systems


Information Technology Management

Elmira College

Courses in Project Management, Leadership, IT Management



Corning Community College

A semester of study (for fun!) courses in Spanish, ASL, Mandarin Chinese, Guitar, Percussion, General Music


Language, Music

Monroe Community College

A semester of study (for fun!) courses in Spanish, ASL, Mandarin Chinese, Guitar, Percussion, General Music



B.S. Computer Science

Union College

Graduated Cum Laude with Psychology Minor.

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06 May 2013 Filed under exercise, health Tagged as Running

Running Seneca 7

The Seneca7 is an amazingly fun relay race that covers the entire distance around scenic Seneca lake.  The number of teams has grown quickly and a lot of familiar faces showed up which was nice to see.  It is an all day race…our team took about 8 hours to run the 77.7 miles

I was in the first slot this year, leading the charge out of the gate.  We took 5th place overall, and 2nd place int the mixed team standings which meant that we got goodies at the end!

Each leg was profiled on

There was a lot of fun to be had.  Some teams ran in skirts.  Others planted chicken feet as a message or warning…im not really sure.  Our team had fun passing most of the competition!

Link to chickenfoot

My team was filled with real runners.  Track athletes in college.  We had a track coach, and a Boston qualifier who ran in the Boston Marathon the weekend previous.

Jenelle attacks the hill

They have track workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.  And when you are around people who are really into something it makes you think, hmm…I should do more.

I signed up for the YMCA Sprint Triathlon on June 8th.  Its a race that I ran a few years ago in my first triathlon ever.  I’ve also started following the Advanced training plan from Hanson’s Marathon Method.  I know what my VO2Max is and that it is useless to me except to gauge some form of progress.  More worthwhile is knowing the difference and purpose of Speed, Strength, Tempo, Long, and Easy runs that compose a complete marathon training program.  I’ve an idea the different types of muscle fibers and what happens when Anaerobic Threshold is reached.  With a plan, and software to keep me honest, I will chase a 3:30 marathon and then look ahead to an Ultra sometime soon!